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Is Your Electric Vehicle lease ending? Share your experience

June 13, 2015

I am curious what drivers are doing when their EV leases expire. Are you extending it, getting a new EV or going back to a gas powered car?

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  1. Yaya permalink

    Howdy Deborah:

    Do you have 3-yr lease as well? If so, my lease is up around the same time as you. You probably have gotten the offer to either take $5K off residual value or extend your lease for another yr. Some folks on MNL forum confirmed they got 2-mo credit back from the extension and it’s mo-to-mo so it’s OK to cancel any time. [And it sounds a pretty common/standard offer.] That seems to be a smart route to try? The promo ends June 30th, only about a week to decide so I was wondering if you’ve made any decision. Perhaps through your forum, we can find out if anyone actually got the credit and cancel the lease merely a couple of months later. =]

    Here is my pros and cons if I do extend the lease:

    1. Free 2 month credit = $500.
    2. Maximize tire life: Just replaced 4 tires end of Jan @30k miles.
    3. Maximize the annual mileage allowance: It’s kind of underutilized since there is still 10K mi available for the next 6 months. (15K/yr allowance)

    1. Significant loss of range: Today I lost my 2nd bar @35,391 miles! My daily commute is ~45 mi RT now. With moderate driving style (~3.5mi/Kwh) I usually got home with 2 bars left. That’s probably < 10 miles before going to turtle or completely out of juice.
    2. Can’t take advantage of the 6.6W charging speed: Still just the 3.xW speed and have to wait double the time. (Inconvenient)
    3. Can’t take advantage of the 80+ mile range: Still think the longer the range the better. Goal is to use the ICE car as little as possible over the weekend travelling out of town.
    Now, my lease payment is not the greatest. Some people (I think especially the 2013 lessees) only have to pay like $107/mo. vs. mine $250/mo. They probably put more down? not sure. For them, the lease extension makes so much sense!

    This is all I have in mind. Thanks for reading. My 2012 Leaf is such a reliable car. Minimal maintenance required, smooth ride, HOV sticker…, overall, very satisfied. I have no plan leasing another brand or go back to ICE. You? Best regards.

  2. brian permalink

    I don’t know what I will do yet at the end of my lease, but there is no way that I could go back to an ICE car. What horrible technology. It is so primitive to not have recovery braking; I have waited 35 years for it and now that I have it, no way can I go back to that way of throwing away my money. Not to mention all of the killing done by the oil companies, etc. In some cases, “antique” technology is better (as in audio tubes), but not in this case.

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