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Hope for EV’s? Tesla Motors is now profitable

April 1, 2013

Are you surprised by Sunday’s  big electric vehicle news? Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced that his company is now profitable.  This comes just a couple months after Musk aggressively questioned the accuracy of a New York Times reporter who took the Model S for a test drive. The ride ended with the car being loaded onto a flatbed because the reporter said it was out of charge.

 Here are my past blog posts on that topic:

Tesla’s Elon Musk fires back at the New York Times and Tesla vs. the New York Times, Round 2

What surprises me the most – besides the news itself since I thought it would take a couple more years for Tesla to turn a  profit- is that drivers are opting out of the shorter range version of the Model S. Tesla offers three battery pack options on its Model S, but it is eliminating  production of the least powerful, 40 KWH battery. Only four percent of customers who placed reservations chose the 40 KWH option, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

I guess the Tesla is designed for the wealthy who can afford it. Do I sound jealous? Oh yes. what I would give for a car with the luxurious battery range of a Tesla.

Will the technology what Tesla does and learns trickle down to drivers like me and my husband, who had our fingers crossed last week, returning from my birthday dinner in San Francisco, and then, again after a sailboat ride on the Bay on Saturday. In both cases, we were blind-sided by how quickly our remaining charge plummeted on our 2012 Nissan Leaf.

Those trips will be the topic for another day. Look for my post on that later this week.

Meanwhile, I would love to  hear your thoughts on Tesla.


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