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Mission accomplished: EV road trip from Silicon Valley to Malibu

May 24, 2013


After 382 miles and seven charging stations, we made it! Our Silicon Valley To Malibu road trip in my husband’s 2102 Nissan Leaf is complete! I’ll be blogging more details, including the details of the return trip to San Jose. Meanwhile, the Leaf is recharging in front of the Tuscali Mountain Inn in Topanga Canyon and we are recharging in the backyard overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains. The inn has two Blink chargers and is one of the reasons we decided to splurge on this place. Can you drive a Nissan Leaf on a vacation trip? I think we have answered that question as yes, but it will be a vacation like none you have taken before.

I’m off to return to my vacation. I’ll be back and blogging on Sunday. Thanks for coming along.


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