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A $13 journey: Electric Vehicle Road Trip from San Jose to Malibu and back

May 29, 2013

On May 22, we drove my husband’s 2012 Nissan Leaf from Silicon Valley to Malibu, and back. I blogged about the journey, which ended on May 27. Now that I am back home, I added up the numbers. Here’s the statistics from the trip:

Total Miles Driven: 770.6

Total Number of Charging Stations Used:  13*

*plus a stop at a QC fast charger in Santa Clara before departure from San Jose

Shortest Day:  Day 1: San Jose to Salinas, 1 hour, and 15 minutes, 62 miles.

Longest Day: Day 5: Topanga Canyon to Paso Robles, 16 hours, and 8 minutes, 209. 5 miles.

Farthest Drive on a Full Charge: Atascadero to Solvang, 83 miles.

Number of connected devices: Seven

Number of charging cords for devices: Six

Number of miles walked: 15 +

Number of afternoon movies watched: Two

Number of museums visited: Two

Number of different brands of charging stations used: Four

Number of free charging stations used: Eight

Number of charging stations paid for by hotels: Two

Number of cards carried for charging networks: Two

Number of apps used to find charging stations: Six

Number of drive-less days: One

Total Cost of Charges: $13.44

Amount of gasoline used: Zero

  1. GGPA permalink

    Quite a trip! This was a lot of fun to read you posts.

    About 20 years ago, with different technology, Noel Perrin drove an EV from Los Angeles to the Bay Area and beyond. He wanted to do a cross country trip but he had to adjust his plans.

    I can recommend the book he wrote about the experience

    • Thanks so much for the information about the book. I am ordering it from and look forward to reading it.

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